Lloyd Kramer
Lloyd Kramer's Blues Garden
"After 30 years in the business,
this is hands down the fastest
playing neck of any guitar I have
ever owned or played.   And the
fret work is amazing.   It's even
faster than my custom GRB
Tele at less than half the price
...why would you guys do that?  
That neck man, comfortable,
easy to play, satin-smooth
natural wood feel, better by far
than the vaunted Reverend
Lane Venden
Madison County
Hear Lane on Madison
County's latest CD
Ernie Pascuzzi
Ned & Zed
"You'll have to pry this
Kokocaster from my cold dead
hands; I'm not giving this thing
(Ed. Note:  We gave Ernie a
Kokocaster to try out and are
having some difficulty getting
him to return it)
Mark Hannaford
One Way Out
"If I were still touring this would
be my main axe at every show.  
Unfortunately, I'm currently in
rehab and living in my mom's
basement and she won't let me
play after 10:00, so I only use it
with headphones and my
"I know this is supposed to
be a rock and roll guitar, but
it's the best country guitar
I've ever played.  I wish I had
10 of them. "
In case you've never heard of us, GRB Guitars is a
high-end custom designer of meticulously crafted
guitars located in Madison Wisconsin.  
We're making our initial foray into a non-custom, production model
guitar and have selected the Kokopelli Kokocaster as our first  
instrument.  Please see the tabs on the left for an explanation on
why we selected the Kokocaster.
Check out Madison County's latest video featuring their Kokos:
                               Enjoy The Ride
GRB Guitars
Home of the KokoCaster
Scott Baldyga
L.A. Producer/Musician
"For me, the dimensions of
the neck fit my hand. It feels
great and I can't explain why,
really, but I'm just faster on
this guitar.  Wherever I pull this
guitar out in Los Angeles, it
gets a lot of attention.   Great
job fellas and thanks!"
Steve Shannon
The 99ers

"I own one of your Greenburst
Surfcasters with a stop tail.  I
LOVE this guitar and am thinking
of buying another.
BTW I used it on all our albums on
Spinout Records.
I'm the guitarist with The 99ers in
St. Paul and we record for Eddie
Angel's (Los Straitjackets) Spinout
label based in Nashville."

Check out the 99ers new CD
featuring Steve's Kokocaster:
And Then There Was Surf
Maui Surf

Hey Kats,
I thank you, Surf music thanks you
and The AquaSonics thank you for
a truly fantastic Surf Guitar. The
Maui , The AquaSonics Surf Band ,
Denver , Colorado
Check out the Aquasonics
Here's a sampling of real
thank you notes we've
received from real
Just writing to let you know how
pleased I am to be the proud
owner of Kokocaster Quilted
Tangerine number 47. This
guitar is amazing. Everyone
who sees or plays it is wowed
by its sheer brilliance! The
neck is so fast, and the sound
from that lipstick is just pure
cool. Thankyou so much for
this beautiful guitar. I am going
to keep it as long as I live! Best
wishes, Oli
"Most wonderful guitar I've ever
played.  Shipping and service
were great.  I'm impressed.  
Thank you very much"  Gary,
Los Angeles
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comments from REAL
Justin Sandercoe
"Really, really cool guitar.  
Thanks GRB"
Atlanta Guitarist Singer/Songwriter Tony Sims and his new favorite
guitar:  A Sunburst Kokocaster
Check out Tony's music here:  Tony Sims Music Or find
him winning Guitar Center's King of the Blues contest
King of the Blues